Open a project

  1. Click Open Button image .

  2. To open a project from Project Server, in the Open dialog box, click Enterprise Projects, and then either double-click a project from the list to open it from your local cache, or double-click Retrieve the list of all projects from Project Server to open a project from the server.

    • If you only intend to view the project, or if it is already checked out, click Read Only, next to Mode.

    • If you want to open a copy of the published version of the project, click Published, next to Store.

  3. To open a project that is stored on your computer, navigate to the file on your computer, click the file to select it, and then click Open.

    Tip: To open this project as read-only, click the arrow on the Open button, and then click Open Read-Only.


    • Office Project Professional 2007 uses local caching to allow quick access to projects saved on Project Server. The cache is saved on your computer or on a network share, and is synchronized with data from Project Server. When opening a project, if you are near your maximum cache size limit, you may receive an error message, indicating that the cache is too full to open the project at this time. You can choose to clear your cache or increase the cache limit. Find links to more information about changing your local cache in the See Also section.

    • The Store options on the Open dialog box enable you to choose whether to open the current working version of the project or the current published version. For example, you created a project, published it, and checked it in. As the project progresses, resource constraints require you to delay a task. You check the project out to change the task's dates by clicking Working to open the current working version of the project. Continuing with the example, the date changes you made must be approved by someone else before you can publish them, so you check the project back in without publishing. Now, you can click Working to open the working version of the project (with the changes) or click Published to open the published version (without the changes). This can be helpful if Microsoft Office Project Web Access users have a question and you need to see details about what is currently published for their use.

    • When you open an existing project from Project Server, it is checked out to prevent anyone else from making changes to the project while you are working on it. After you open a project, its status is Yes in the Checked Out? column. Your user name appears in the Checked out by column.

    • To open a project created in another program, click the file format you want in the Files of type box, and then double-click the file name in the folder list. You can also type the extension in the File name box (for example, type *.mpt to find Project templates).

    • To open a project you have used recently, you can also click the file name at the bottom of the File menu. If the list of recently used files isn't displayed, click Options on the Tools menu, click the General tab, and then select the Recently used file list check box.

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