Office Communicator 2007 Error ID: 16389



Office Communicator 2007, Office Communicator 2007 R2


2.0, 3.0


Office Communications Server






Error ID 16389 is a generic error message that arises when a service completion failure occurs between users. For example, this error can arise when initiating a phone call, transferring a phone call, or ending a phone call. This error condition can also occur when attempting to send or receive IM messages.


Possible causes for this error message are as follows:

  • You are attempting to transfer a call and the person you are transferring the call to has ended the conversation.

  • The person you are transferring the call to is offline or not available and does not have voicemail configured.


Wait a few moments and try again, or try contacting the person using a different method of communication such as instant messaging or e-mail.

Important: To help us improve this error message in the future, please use the feedback mechanism at the bottom of this page to provide information about the conditions under which this error occurred.

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