Office 365 subscription exceeds five-year maximum


When you try to set up Microsoft Office, you encounter an error that prevents you from completing the setup process. This error occurs only during the setup of the following installations:

  • Office Personal Premium with Office 365 Services

  • Office Home and Business Premium with Office 365 Services

  • Office Professional with Office 365 Services

This error occurs when a Microsoft account has a subscription offer associated with it that pushes the subscription total past the five-year limit.


There is a limit of five years for any Office subscription. Because the offers for Office Premium include a one-year subscription, when an additional Office subscription is redeemed against the same Microsoft account, the length of the subscription is extended. When the extended length exceeds five years, redemption is blocked for that Microsoft account. You can check the current length of an Office subscription that's associated with your Microsoft account on the Microsoft Office account site.


You can create a new account or use another existing Microsoft account to redeem the Office offer. Remember which Microsoft account that you use to redeem your Office offer. This is important because you will have to sign in when you access your Office account in order to provision some of the additional services and to access links for reinstalling Office in case of a Windows reset on your device.

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