Network planning and performance tuning for Office 365

Before you deploy for the first time or migrate to Office 365, you can use the information in these topics to estimate the bandwidth you need and then to test and verify that you have enough bandwidth to deploy or migrate to Office 365. For an overview, see: Network and migration planning for Office 365.

Network planning   


Want fast connections and pages that load quickly?

Read Getting the best connectivity and performance in Office 365

Watch Understanding network connectivity to optimize your performance with Office 365 to understand concepts,

Measuring your network   


Read Office 365 performance tuning using baselines and performance history and Performance troubleshooting plan for Office 365.

Use these tools to evaluate your existing network.

Best practices   

Best practices

Best practices for network planning and improving performance for Office 365. Want to get started helping your users right away? See Best practices for using Office 365 on a slow network.

Office 365 Network Connectivity Principles will help you understand the most recent guidance for securely optimizing Office 365 network connectivity.


Book or Journal

Want the details, like a list of IP addresses and ports? See the Network planning reference for Office 365.

See the Microsoft Cloud Networking for Enterprise Architects poster

For the steps to optimize your network for Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud platforms and services, see the Microsoft Cloud Networking for Enterprise Architects poster.

Performance tuning and troubleshooting resources for Office 365

Once you have Office 365 deployed, you can optimize your performance by using the topics in this section. If you experience performance degradation you can also use these topics to troubleshoot issues.

Tune Office 365 performance:    For information about using network address translation with Office 365, see NAT support with Office 365. Also, take a look at the top 10 tips for optimizing and troubleshooting your Office 365 network connectivity by Paul Collinge.

Tune Exchange Online performance:    Use these articles to fine tune Exchange Online performance.

Tune Skype for Business Online performance:    Use these articles to fine tune Skype for Business Online performance.

Tune SharePoint Online performance:    Use these articles to fine tune SharePoint Online performance.

Tune Project Online performance:    Use this article to fine tune Project Online performance.

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