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This article describes the connected services in Office applications for Windows, Office Online, and Mac which, unless otherwise noted, are subject to the Microsoft Services Agreement. This agreement is directly with you and not your organization, which is subject to the Online Service Terms.  Some connected services may provide access to third-party services like YouTube and Wikipedia. Your use of those third party services may be subject to additional terms.

You can access these services through the Microsoft Office applications, though not all of these services are available in all Office 365 applications. We often add new features and functionality to Office and the list of connected services may change from time to time. You should review this list periodically.

For more information on connected services see Make Office Work More Intelligently for You.

3D Maps

3D Maps for Excel is a three-dimensional data visualization tool that provides information and insights that may not be available in traditional two-dimensional tables and charts. Excel data that has geographic properties in table format or in a Data Model—for example, rows and columns that have names of cities, states, counties, zip codes, countries/regions, or longitudes and latitudes are best suited for 3D Maps.

For more information on this feature see Get started with 3D Maps.


Editor gives you an overview of errors found in your document and lets you choose which ones you want to fix. Editor spots misspellings, grammatical mistakes, and writing style issues and marks them as you type: red squiggles for spelling, blue double underlines for grammar, and gold dotted lines for writing suggestions.

For more information on this feature see Editor is your writing assistant.

Giving Feedback to Microsoft

Feedback features include Send-a-Smile in Office desktop for Windows, Help Improve Office in Office desktop for Mac, and Give Feedback to Microsoft in Office Online. These features all let you send feedback to Microsoft about your experiences in Office applications. You can submit positive, or negative, written feedback or suggestions. You can choose to send a screenshot and/or your email address which will only be used to contact you for follow up related to your feedback.

For more information on this feature see How do I give feedback on Microsoft Office?

Insert 3D Models

You can insert rotatable 3D models into Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Windows, based on your chosen subject. 3D Models inserted from online sources are sourced from Microsoft Remix 3D, using Bing to search for relevant models.

For more information on this feature see Get creative with 3D models.

Map Chart

Map Chart in Excel helps you to create and insert a customized map and charts specific to your data set. The data set is sent to Microsoft and, using Bing, a suggested map or chart is returned. Map Chart can include geographical representations of your data, and data counts, for: countries, regions, states, counties or postal codes.

For more information on this feature see Create a Map Chart.

Office Help and Quick Starts

Microsoft creates and publishes help experiences. It provides self-help articles and videos, called Quick Starts, on how to troubleshoot and use Office. If you choose to let Office connect to online services, content may be viewed in an in-app experience in any Office application. Also, Tell Me can connect you to Office Help articles and videos based on the search query you enter.

For more information on these features see Office Quick Starts and Do things quickly with Tell Me.

Office Store

Office Store is where you go to get add-ins—mini applications that extend what you can do with Office, Office 365, and SharePoint (2013 and 2016). For example, with Office add-ins you can use Wikipedia without leaving Word, or get directions and maps right in Outlook. Add-ins are available for Access web apps, Word, Excel, Outlook, Project, PowerPoint, and SharePoint.

For more information on this feature see Office Store FAQ.

Office Templates

You can download free, pre-built, document templates from Office by clicking File > New in any Office app. Templates can include calendars, business cards, letters, cards, brochures, newsletters, resumes, and so on. Templates can be customized to meet your needs. When you select a template, a dialog box is presented that shows a larger view of the template. To download and use it, click the Create button and a new file will be created using that template.

For more information on this feature see Download free, pre-built templates.

Online Pictures

Online Pictures provides access to search engines such as Bing, third-party providers such as Pexels, and your personal OneDrive, to search for pictures. Your search query is sent to the search engine you choose to provide this service. Microsoft Forms provides an Insert Image feature that lets you insert an image from a Bing search directly into your form.

For more information on this feature see Insert pictures and Add a picture to a question.

Online Video

Online Video provides access to YouTube, and your personal OneDrive, to search for videos. In addition, you can enter a specific video embed code to retrieve a video from YouTube to insert into your file.

For more information on this feature see Insert or link to a video on YouTube.

PowerPoint QuickStarter

QuickStarter builds a PowerPoint outline based on the subject you provide. This subject is sent to Bing as a search query and is used to find suitable images and text.

For more information on this feature see Research a topic with PowerPoint QuickStarter.


Researcher in Word helps you find topics, and incorporate reliable sources and content for your research paper in just a few steps. You can explore and research the material related to your content then add it with citations in the document without leaving Word.

For more information on this feature see Research your paper easily within Word.

Resume Assistant

When you open a resume document, the LinkedIn Resume Assistant task pane opens. If you want to tailor your resume to a particular role or company, you can choose to receive a set of LinkedIn-powered examples and suggestions. Once your resume is complete, you will be given an opportunity to post it to LinkedIn.

For more information on this feature see Write your best resume in Word with help from LinkedIn in Resume Assistant.

Smart Lookup

By selecting a word or phrase and launching Smart Lookup, the selected text is sent to Bing as a search query, which provides more information, definitions, history and other resources from multiple third-party sites related to that word or phrase. You can select specific results to visit those sites directly.

For more information on this feature see Get insights into what you're working on with Smart Lookup.

Sway QuickStarter

QuickStarter builds a Sway outline based on the subject you provide. This subject is sent to Wikipedia as a search query and is used to find suitable articles with related images and text.

For more information on this feature see Create a Sway in seconds with QuickStarter.

Suggested Content

One of the Sway intelligent features is Suggested Content. When user clicks the Insert button, the Suggested searches pane opens and shows the user several entities relevant to the user’s content that user might want to add to the content. Clicking one of them will initiate an online search on Bing, YouTube, and Wikipedia using that term as the search query.

For more information on this feature see Search for content in Sway.


Transmits a highlighted word or section of user text, as well as a few words from either side of that text, to perform the requested translation. You might see a list of several translations, and can expand the translated item to show a usage example in both languages.

For more information on this feature see Translate text into a different language.

Enabling and Disabling These Features

If you are using an Office 365 desktop application on Windows, you can turn these connected services on or off in the Trust Center by choosing the options to "Get designs, information, recommendations, and services..." and "Let Office connect to online services...".

The privacy options section of the Trust Center, Privacy Options dialog

To learn more, see View my privacy options in Microsoft Office.

In Office Online, these connected services are always available to you. Some, like Translator, Resume Assistant, and Smart Lookup, will provide additional information and ask for your consent the first time you use them.

If you are using the Office desktop application for Mac, all services are available to you and some services will ask for your consent on first use, including Designer, Smart Lookup, and Binary Conversion Service.

Are you an administrator?

If you're an administrator looking to manage these services you may find this article helpful: How admins can manage controller services in Office 365 ProPlus.

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