Meeting Attendance Report

Download CSV. Opens the File Download dialog box with options for downloading the report.

Meeting Summary

Table of information that identifies the meeting for which you are generating the Meeting Attendance report.

  • Meeting ID. Meeting ID.

  • Schedule Start Date and Time. Actual start date and time of the meeting.

  • Organizer. Name of the person who organized the meeting.

  • Reservation Size. Expected number of participants when the meeting was scheduled.

  • Subject. Subject of the meeting.

  • Schedule Duration. Scheduled length of the meeting in minutes.

  • Bill to. The code used by your organization to keep track of Live Meeting usage.

  • Maximum Simultaneous Connections. Highest number of participants in the meeting at any one point.

Poll Details Report. Generates the Poll Details report.

Meeting List Report. Generates the Meeting List report.

The Meeting Summary table is divided into two columns of information that identify the meeting for which you are generating the Meeting Attendance report. The categories are on the left side of each column and the results corresponding to each are on the right side of the column.

Meeting Attendance Details

Table of information that describes meeting connection details.

Activity Day. Day on which the user attended the meeting.

Name. Name of the meeting participant.

Role. Live Meeting user role of the meeting participant.

Arrived. Date and time the meeting participant arrived.

Duration. Length of the participant's stay in the meeting in hours, minutes, and seconds.

IP Address. IP address of the computer used to attend the meeting.

Company. Company affiliation of the meeting participant, when specified.

Browser. Information about the participant's Internet browser.

Each row of the Meeting Attendance Details table corresponds to one meeting participant.

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