Manage employee schedules in Microsoft StaffHub

You can create, edit, and manage schedules for your employees through the Microsoft StaffHub web or mobile app.

Manage the schedule

All shifts are created in an unpublished state, and the schedule will not be visible to employees until you publish it.  When you publish your schedule for the first time, you will specify the default schedule time period. This is the amount of time the schedule is good for. For example, will this week's schedule be different from next week's or can the employees expect to have the same schedule every week? This default schedule time period can be changed at any time on the Team Settings page.  

Schedule your employees

  1. Sign in to Microsoft StaffHub.

  2. Select Schedule to open the Schedule page.

  3. Select the name of the employee you wish to schedule > More button on Microsoft StaffHub scheduling page > Add shift.

  4. Select the start and end dates and times.

  5. Optionally, you can assign a color or add notes to the shift.

  6. Select Save.

Publish the schedule

To publish your schedule select Publish.  This will publish the schedule for all employees and send them an invitation to view the schedule in the mobile app.   

Publish button on StaffHub schedule page

Once your schedule is published you can make changes and the affected employees will be notified of the changes.

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