Link or embed Project information into another program

You can embed Project information independent of the source file, or you can link to the information to enable dynamic updates from the source file. You can do this from any Project view.

  1. In Project, on the View menu, click the view that you want.

    To use a view that is not on the View menu, click More Views, click the view that you want to use in the Views list, and then click Apply.

  2. Select the information that you want to paste into the other program, and then click Copy Cell Button image .

    Note: This command changes to Copy Task if you select an entire task or a set of tasks in a task view, or to Copy Resource if you select a resource row or a set of resources in a resource view.

  3. In the other program (which must be one that supports object linking and embedding), select the location where you want to insert the information.

  4. Under Clipboard, click Paste, and then click Paste Special.

  5. Do one of the following:

    • To embed the data independently, without a link to the source document, click Paste.

    • To link the inserted data to the data in the source document, click Paste Link.

Note: Paste link is available only if the information can be updated.

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