Link Existing E-mail to Business Contact Manager records

When you enable E-mail Auto-linking, Business Contact Manager for Outlook automatically links incoming and outgoing e-mail from specific e-mail addresses to the communication history of specified Account or Business Contact records.

You can specify which existing and future outgoing and incoming e-mail messages are automatically linked to the communication history of a record by changing your e-mail linking preferences.

Ignore e-mail older than      Enter the earliest date for which you want to link e-mail messages. Any e-mail that was received before this date will not be linked.

Tip: Attachments to e-mail messages are not linked to records along with the e-mail messages. You can save an attachment as a file and then you can link the file to the communication history of the Business Project record.

Note: To access this form, on the Business Contact Manager menu, click Manage E-mail Auto-linking. When you have identified the e-mail addresses you want to use, click Search and Link.

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