Language translation for Message center posts

Message center posts are written in English-only due to the timeliness of the information we are posting, but are automatically displayed in the language specified by your personal language settings for Office 365. The messages are machine translated, meaning that a computer did the translation. If you set your preferred language to anything other than English, you'll also see a translation button in Message center. Use that drop-down to display posts in any of the languages we support for translation, or to revert the message to the original English version.

Turn on machine translation

Each admin in your organization who wants to view machine-translated Message center posts will need to change this setting for themselves. An admin can't specify a preferred language for all other admins.

  1. From the Office 365 admin center, select the settings icon in the upper-right corner of the window. You have to do this from the admin center or home page as the language setting isn't available in other services such as mail or OneDrive.

    Screen shot: Settings panel depicting settings icon and language settings
  2. Select Language and time zone.

  3. Select your language and then click Save. Office 365 will try to refresh and display the new language. If that doesn't happen immediately or if it seems that it's taking too long, you can either refresh your browser or sign out and then sign back in.

  4. Go back to the Message center if you're not still there: Health > Message center. Message posts should now be displayed in your preferred language. At the top of the Message center, you'll see the translation button next to the Views drop-down box. In this example, the language setting was changed to Deutsch (Deutschland).

    Screen capture: Message center with translation highlighted.
  5. Click on the translation button to select another language by selecting the down arrow.

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