Invite people to Teams free

You don't have to be all alone in your Teams free org!

  1. Click Chat Open chat button or Teams Teams button on the left side of the app, and then click Invite people.

  2. Type the emails and names of people you’d like to add to your org. Click Add more if you need more lines for adding more people.

    Note: By default, both admins and members can add new members to Teams free. Admins can also restrict the ability of members to add new members.

    Invite people dialog box
  3. Click Send invites to send each person an email invitation to join the org.

    Note: If an invitation doesn't go through, just resend it. Even if that person gets multiple invitations to the org, they can only join it once!

  4. Once they've joined your Teams free org, add them to a specific team you've created.

Feel free to add up to 300 people to your Teams free org.

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