Inviting someone to a workspace in SharePoint Workspace 2010

You invite people to join Groove workspaces as new members by sending workspace invitations.

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Creating a workspace invitation

About invitation alerts

Confirming an invitation acceptance

Creating a workspace invitation

To invite someone to a Groove workspace:

  1. Go to the workspace.

  2. In the Members pane, enter the name or e-mail address of the recipient in the Invite to Workspace box.

    Invitation addressing details

    When you a type a name, SharePoint Workspace searches for a contact that matches the letters you are typing. You can also select a contact from the drop-down menu, which includes all contacts recognized by your account: this includes contacts you have added to your personal list in the Launchbar, as well as contacts who are members of other workspaces.

    If SharePoint Workspace cannot find a match for the name you type, you are prompted to search for the contact.

    Click More to see more options for adding or finding recipients in the Add Recipients dialog box.

  3. Click Go to open the Send Invitation dialog box.

  4. Assign a role to the recipient(s) from the drop-down list.


    If you are inviting multiple contacts and want to assign different roles, you must send separate invitations per role.

    In addition, unless you are a Manager in the workspace, you can only assign invitees the same role assigned to you (Participants assign the role of "Participant" and Guests assign the role of "Guest").

  5. If you want to confirm the invitees' invitation acceptance, check Require acceptance confirmation.

    Note: This feature is automatically enabled for all invitations sent via e-mail.

  6. Add message text if desired.

  7. Click Invite to send the invitation.

    SharePoint Workspace does the following depending on the type of recipient(s) you selected:

    • For SharePoint Workspace contacts, SharePoint Workspace sends the invitation as a SharePoint Workspace message.

    • For e-mail addresses, SharePoint Workspace sends the invitation via Microsoft Outlook as an e-mail message with a file attachment.

      The message contains instructions both for people who already have SharePoint Workspace, and for those who do not. People who already have SharePoint Workspace click a link in the message that opens the invitation. People who do not have SharePoint Workspace click a different link that goes to the SharePoint Workspace download page. Once an e-mail recipient installs and starts up SharePoint Workspace, the workspace invitation should open automatically. If the invitation fails to open automatically, the recipient can return to the e-mail message and open the file attachment to respond to the invitation.

      All invitations sent via e-mail require the sender to confirm acceptance before the workspace is sent to the recipient's computer.

      Note: If you do not have a Microsoft Outlook e-mail client, a message displays informing you that you cannot send the invitation using this feature. The message describes an alternative e-mail invitation process, such as to copy the invitation to the clipboard and then paste it into another e-mail or messaging client.

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About invitation alerts

When you send an invitation, SharePoint Workspace keeps you informed about its progress by posting alerts.

Note: For e-mail recipients, you do not see progress alerts until they open file attachment. In the table below, the first alert you might see is "Inviting Invitee: Opened, waiting for reply..."

The table below summarizes the invitation progress alerts:



Inviting "Invitee": Waiting to send...

SharePoint Workspace cannot yet send the invitation. The sender's computer may be offline or may not currently have a live network or relay service connection.

Inviting "Invitee": Sending, % complete...

SharePoint Workspace is sending the invitation either to the invitee's computer or to the relay service (if the invitee's computer is offline).

Inviting "Invitee": Sent, waiting for delivery...

The invitation left the sender's computer and will get delivered if the invitee is online. If the invitee is offline, the invitation is routed to the relay service.

Inviting "Invitee": Delivered, waiting for invitee to open...

The invitation has reached the invitee's computer.

Inviting "Invitee": Opened, waiting for reply...

The invitee has opened the invitation, and now must decide whether to accept or decline it.

Inviting "Invitee": Invitation Accepted.

The invitee has accepted the invitation but SharePoint Workspace is not yet sending the workspace because the inviter and all other workspace members are offline. Note that if the invitee accepts the invitation at a time when the inviter has gone offline, SharePoint Workspace will attempt to download the workspace from another member who is currently online, giving preference to members who are online but idle.

Inviting "Invitee": Invitation Accepted: Sending workspace, % complete...

The invitee has accepted the invitation and the workspace is now being sent.

Inviting "Invitee": Workspace sent, waiting for delivery...

The workspace has left the inviter's computer, though the invitee is still receiving it.

Inviting "Invitee": workspace delivered!

The workspace is successfully delivered to the invitee.

Note: If the invitee goes offline before receiving the entire workspace, the workspace gets sent to the relay service. The next time the invitee goes online, the workspace is routed from the relay service to his or her computer.

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Confirming an invitation acceptance

Requiring acceptance confirmation is useful for security purposes. It gives you a chance to verify each recipient's identity before you send the workspace. If you check this option, then when the message recipient(s) accept your invitation, SharePoint Workspace displays an alert that prompts you to confirm the invitation.

In the Confirm Acceptance dialog box, do any of the following activities and then click Confirm:

  • Click From to open the recipient's contact to verify their identity before sending the workspace.

  • Include a message to send when you either confirm or deny the acceptance.

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