Insert Alignment Tab

Use alignment tabs in a header or footer to align page numbers or text, or to add leaders (dotted or dashed lines) between elements such as the date and time and page number.

For instance, you might want the document name on the left edge of your header, the date in the center, and the page number on the right. There are built-in header and footer styles to help you with this, but you can create a custom header or footer with alignment tabs.

Insert alignment tabs

  1. Select the element or position your cursor in the header or footer where you want to add an alignment tab.

  2. Click Insert Alignment Tab in the Position group of the Header & Footer Tools Design tab.

  3. Select your desired alignment (left, center, right).

    • Align relative to margin: The tab will realign automatically if you change the margin later.

    • Align relative to indent: The tab will align with the indent you have specified in your header or footer.

  4. If you want dots or dashes between your header or footer elements, select the leader style you want.

  5. Click OK.

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