I can't find the Send button

If you don't see the Send command, it means an e-mail account is not configured. You can view previously received messages, or use Reply, Forward, or New commands to open a new message window. However, without a configured e-mail account, you cannot send any e-mail message.

When an e-mail account is configured correctly, the Send command is located next to the To, Cc, and Bcc boxes.

When Outlook runs without a configured e-mail account, the Send command does not appear.

Reasons an e-mail account is not configured can include the following:

  • Microsoft Outlook was configured without e-mail support     While not common, Outlook can be configured to manage contacts, tasks, or calendars only, without e-mail functionality.

  • E-mail account setup was interrupted     The first time Outlook ran, the setup process for an e-mail account was interrupted or did not complete. You might need to complete or restart the process. For help, see Outlook email setup.

  • The account configuration file is corrupted     Damage to the file used to store e-mail account configuration information can cause a previously configured e-mail account not to appear.

Verify an e-mail account is configured

  1. Click the File tab.

  2. Click Account Settings, and then click Account Settings.

    Account Settings in the Backstage view

  3. In the Account Settings dialog box, on the E-mail tab if there are no entries, there are no e-mail accounts configured in your Outlook profile.

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An e-mail account is configured, but the Send button is still missing

If an e-mail account is listed, try removing and then adding the account. See the topic Outlook email setup.

If the Send button still doesn't appear when you compose a new message or when you reply to or forward a message, try creating another Outlook profile, and then add your e-mail account. For help, see Create a profile.

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Contact someone for assistance

If the previous steps did not resolve the problem of the missing Send button, try Microsoft Answers for Microsoft Office, a community-based support site where you can ask and answer questions, or just browse other's answers.

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