How to use open shifts

Important: Effective December 31, 2019, Microsoft StaffHub will be retired. We're building StaffHub capabilities, including schedule and task management, into Microsoft Teams. To learn more, read Microsoft StaffHub to be retired.

Open shifts are shifts that are not yet assigned to employees. They can optionally be requested by employees once shared and approved my managers to help make schedule creation easier.

  1. Create an open shift for each group and pick the number of slots. Slots define how many of that shift are available.

    Open shifts for a group

    Open shift panel

  2. Optionally assign shifts to employees before making them available to be requested by employees.

    Assign open shifts

  3. Share your schedule or right click and share an open shift individually. Once an open shift is shared, employees will be able to view and request open shifts.

  4. Employees will get a notification and can open the open shifts list to view and request open shifts.

    Open Shift List

  5. Managers will receive the requests and can see all the employees who requested each shift. Additionally, they can see how many hours the employee will be at with this shift and timestamp of the request. Approving the requests will reduce the slot count and assign the shift to the corresponding employee automatically.

    Open Shifts Manager Approval

  6. If managers want to not never allow employees to request open shifts and only use it for capacity reasons, they can go to the Team Settings page on the top right and turn off employees' ability to view and request open shifts.

    Team Settings

    Open Shifts Setting

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