Grow your business with Microsoft Connections

Overview of Microsoft Connections

Connections is an easy to use app to build customer loyalty, get new customers, and grow your business. Connections helps you build a mailing list of contacts that you can use to send targeted email campaigns to create new leads by nurturing your existing happy customers, and turning them into advocates. You can use Connections to send referrals. newsletters, offers and other promotions to your customers.

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Get started with Connections

The following links offer important information about connections and show you how to create and monitor campaigns.

Get Connections

Microsoft Connections is available to customers who have Office 365 Business Premium subscription. You can access Connections in the Office 365 Business center or on the Connections mobile app on your iPhone or Android. 

Business center in Office 365:

The easiest way to send and monitor your Connections campaign are in the Business center dashboard online that you have as a part of your subscription. Just sign in to Office 365 and choose the Business center tile.

Choose Business center to go to the dashboard

Once in the Business center Dashboard, you can go directly to Connections in the left nav to get started. If you are not a global admin in Office 365, you might first have to ask your admin for a permission. You can find a link to ask on the Business center Dashboard page.

Go to Connections in the left nav in the Business center dashboard


You can also get the app from the app store for iPhone and from Google play for Android. These apps are currently in preview. Just search for Microsoft Connections, and install the app on your mobile device.

Email marketing terminology

To get the most out of your Connections campaigns it is helpful to understand some marketing terms.




A campaign is an email sent to your contacts or customers.

You can view your Connections campaign results to understand the metrics associated with them.


When a contact clicks unsubscribe in a campaign you have sent, he or she will no longer show up in your mailing lists and contacts lists, but you can still view them in the unsubscribed list.

Mailing list

The mailing list includes all of your mailing lists and contacts.


A contact is an individual that you have added to Business center and has given you permission to send him or her marketing emails.

Mailing List

A mailing list is a group of contacts that you have permission to send email marketing campaigns to. For example, cat people, or dog people.

Sign-up form

A web form that you can share with others to allow them to sign up and become a contact.

Mailing List growth

Net growth/Total #contacts 30 days ago.

Offers redeemed

Total number of offers marked as redeemed in the system.


Total number of contacts who have signed up through the sign up form you created through Connections (including referrals sign-ups).


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