Getting started: Microsoft Project basics

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New to Microsoft Project?

Maybe you're responsible for a long, complex project and you have never used this program before. What now?

Follow the links in this document for detailed information about the advantages of using Project over other programs, and then start to use it to perform basic project management tasks. You can also learn how to get more help from other Project users who have been in the same boat.

What do you want to do?

Use Microsoft Project to manage your project

Create and schedule your project

Connect with other Project users

Use Microsoft Project to manage your project

The best way to learn about Microsoft Project is to start to use it to perform basic project management tasks. The following links provide instructions and videos that will help move you in the right direction.

Need a refresher on basic project management tasks before you start? Read Getting started: Introduction to project management.

Go beyond Excel for project management

Microsoft Project provides tools for managing complexity in projects that are more than a simple series of tasks.

Get to know Project 2010

See all the videos, tutorials, and other ways to help you get working right away with Project 2010.

Introduction to project management

A little methodology never hurt anyone. Learn the fundamentals of project management to help you get the most out of Project 2010.

Create and schedule your project

When you're ready to begin to use Project 2010 to manage your project, you will have to add and link tasks, create calendars, and decide how to schedule resources and tasks. Follow these links to get started.

Set up a project

This overview walks you through the big picture of setting up a project with Project 2010.

How Project schedules tasks: Behind the scenes

New features such as manually scheduled tasks, inactive tasks, and top-down scheduling put more control in your hands.

How your project fits into the big picture

Confused about what a project is? Read more about projects compare to portfolios, activities, deliverables, and other project-related events

Connect with other Project users

Experienced project managers and Microsoft Project users can be the most useful resource for a new project manager. There are many methods of joining the community and finding answers to your questions.

Connect with other Project users

Tap the collective wisdom of other Microsoft Project users by posing questions in discussion groups, reading Project blogs, joining project management Facebook groups, following Twitter feeds, or using any of the other community resources mentioned in this article.

Project Facebook page

Can provide answers to your questions about Microsoft Project and project management.

Project updates on Twitter

The Project Help team tweets announcements about new and updated content.

Project team blog

Offers opinions and insights from Microsoft program managers on what Microsoft Project is and where it is going.

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