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Microsoft Kaizala is a secure messaging and work management mobile app that lets you collaborate with others in and outside of your organization. Send and receive instant messages, coordinate tasks, submit invoices, and use special tools to interact with your team wherever you are.

Kaizala is for individuals, organizations, and communities. It is currently commercially available in 28 countries, and is available worldwide as a free app in all Android and iOS stores.

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Kaizala mobile app

You can download the Kaizala mobile app for free from Google Play for Android phones and App Store for iOS phones.

App requirements

  • Android phone running Android 4.3 or later.

  • iOS phone running iOS 9.0 or later.

  • Wireless or data connection to the internet.

  • Kaizala doesn't support tablets that are Wi-Fi only.

  • You must be able to receive phone calls and text messages on the phone number you are trying to verify.

Download the app

  1. On your mobile device, download Microsoft Kaizala from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

  2. Tap Get started.

  3. Enter your name and phone number, and then tap Next.

  4. Allow Kaizala to verify your phone number and import your contacts list.

  5. You are ready to start using Kaizala.

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Important: A Microsoft Kaizala account can only be verified on one phone number on one device. If you try to use Kaizala with the same phone number on multiple phones, you'll be logged out from the previous phones, and all Kaizala data on the previous devices will be deleted.

Kaizala management portal

The Kaizala management portal is a web-based management portal that provides management, reporting, and extensibility capabilities for Kaizala. You need an Office 365 license to gain access to the Kaizala management portal. For more information and admin help articles, see Kaizala management portal.

Kaizala developer platform

The Kaizala developer platform offers multiple ways to integrate and extend Kaizala to suit unique your organizational needs. With the developer platform, you can use connectors to integrate Kaizala with your business processes and design custom Actions through the Kaizala management portal. For more information and developer help articles, see Kaizala developer platform.

Security and privacy

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Services and data for Microsoft Kaizala are hosted on the Office 365 and Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Microsoft is recognized as an industry leader in cloud security. Using decades of experience building enterprise software and running online services, our team is constantly learning and continuously updating our services and applications to deliver a secure cloud productivity service that meets rigorous industry standards for compliance.

Features include:

  • Kaizala provides full ownership of data to customers for its organization groups.

  • Kaizala follows standard security development lifecycle (SDL) practices for all phases of the product development including design, development, deployment and operations. The best practices such as defense-in-depth, least privilege access, and so on, are applied.

  • Kaizala adheres to Office Trustworthy computing (OTwC) practices to handle the organization and individual data.

  • Kaizala follows Office 365 compliance framework for data handling standards for storage, retention, and transmission.

  • Kaizala is hosted on the world-class Office 365 and Azure data center infrastructure, which are run with the transparent service operation.

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