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You can use the Office 365 Admin mobile app to manage users, monitor service health, and perform other Office 365 admin tasks from your phone.

  1. To get the Office 365 Admin mobile app, search for Office 365 Admin in the app store for your device and install it.

  2. Sign in with any Office 365 account that you manage, and view the dashboard to see service health, monitor user licenses, and see messages and service requests.

  3. Do any of the following:

    • To change settings such as notifications or security, choose Settings.

    • To manage individual users, choose Users, and choose the options you want. For example, to add a new user, choose Add > Enter the info, enter the user's information, and select Done.

    • To add a new group or edit an existing one, choose Groups.

    • To monitor service health, choose Health, and then open any service incidents displayed to learn more. Choose Share to send email to anyone affected by an incident.

    • To learn about upcoming changes to the Office 365 service, choose Messages.

    • To view existing support tickets or open a new one, choose Support.

    • To learn more about using the admin mobile app, choose or search for FAQ from the Settings page.

    • To rate the app, suggest a feature, or report a bug, choose Feedback.

With the Office 365 Admin mobile app, you can monitor your service health, manage users, submit support requests, and more, all while on the go or outside the office.

To get the app, go to your app store and search for Office 365 Admin.

Open the app, and sign in with your Office 365 user name and password. If you manage more than one Office 365 account, you can sign in with multiple user names.

From the dashboard, you can check the message center and get updates on service health. You can also quickly view your users, groups, billing, and support information. You can access the rest of your Office 365 settings through the Admin menu in the top left.

If you're not sure where to look, you can find people, messages, and app settings by using the search box.

To change what appears in the menu, choose Settings, then Customize menu. Now you can turn off any menu items you want to hide.

While you're here, we highly recommend you create a passcode for the Office 365 Admin app, to prevent unauthorized use. Choose Security, turn on Passcode, then specify and confirm your PIN.

Let's go back to the home page to see what you can do with the Admin mobile app.

To manage people, choose Users. Then search, or select a user. From here, you can reset their password, assign a product license, or update their information. You can also add new people with the Add button in the upper right. It's just like adding a user in the Office 365 admin center.

Select Groups from the navigation menu, and you can add a new group or edit an existing one.

To stay on top of the latest updates to Office 365, open Messages. You'll see messages about recent and upcoming changes. You can share these messages with others in your organization to keep them in the loop.

On the Health page, you'll see service health issues that might affect your organization. Select an incident to view the details, and share with others who might be affected.

If you have questions about the Admin app, go to the FAQ page to learn more.

Get the Office 365 Admin mobile app here:

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