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Microsoft To-Do is the new to-do list from the Wunderlist team. With My Day and Suggestions, Microsoft To-Do is a smarter, more personal app with Outlook tasks integration. 

With Suggestions and My Day, it's easier than ever to focus on your most important to-dos each day. When you first open Microsoft To-Do each day, you'll see a fresh My Day. Plan your day by adding to-dos from our intelligent Suggestions or by entering new to-dos directly in to My Day.   

All of the to-dos entered in My Day will also be saved in your To-Do list. If you aren't able to complete all of your to-dos in My Day, no worries! We'll keep track of them in your To-Do list and suggest them to you tomorrow. We'll also keep a close eye on your to-dos with upcoming due dates and include them in Suggestions.   

How can I create a new list?
To create a new list, just tap or click +New List below My Day, To-Do and your other lists. This will create a list with the name "Untitled List." To rename it, just click to select "Untitled List" and begin typing the new list name.  

Create a new list

How can I choose a background image for my list?
You can customize each list by choosing a different background image. Just select the three dots in the top right and then ChangeTheme. You can pick one of 5 illustrated themes or a solid background. You can also choose the list's color.   

Choose a background color for your list.

How can I choose a color for my list?

Customize your lists with colors. Just select the three dots in the top right and then ChangeTheme. Then pick one of 5 colors. The color you choose will also be shown in the sidebar next to the list's title, so you can organize all your lists by color.   

How can I add emoji to my list?
Just add an emoji to the beginning of your list's name and the emoji will be displayed as the list's icon in the sidebar.  

Add an emoji to your list.

How can I share a list?
Just click or tap the sharing icon to the left of the three dots in the top right of any list you've created. This will open the sharing menu where you can generate the sharing link. Once you've generated the link, select the blue button to send or share the sharing link to your collaborators using your favorite email or messenger app.

How can I create a to-do?
You can create a to-do from the +Add a to-do input field in any of your lists. Just select the field, type the to-do's title and then press Return or Enter on your keyboard. Your new to-do will then be added to the bottom of your list.   

Add a to-do.

How can I restore a deleted to-do?
Since your to-dos are stored on Exchange Online and are also visible in Outlook Tasks, you can recover accidentally deleted to-dos in Outlook:  
1. Log in to Outlook with the same MSA that you use with Microsoft To-Do.   
2. Navigate to your email folder list, and then click Deleted Items.   
3. Locate the deleted to-do, right-click it, and then click Move > Other Folder > Tasks.   

Your to-do should automatically re-appear in its correct list. 

Click Tasks in the Deleted items folder


How can I create a step?
You can use Steps to break your larger to-dos down in to smaller, more actionable pieces. To add a step, just double-click the to-do to open detail view and then click + Add step and begin typing your next step. Once you've finished, just press Enter or Return on your keyboard.

To help keep you on track, a counter beneath each to-do's name displays the total number of steps the to-do contains and how many have been completed so far. 

Like a to-do, a step can be completed by clicking the circle to the left of the step's name. To delete a step, just click the x to the right of the step's name. On mobile you can delete by swiping the step from right to left.
detail view of a to-do showing its steps

Which accounts can I use with Microsoft To-Do?

Microsoft To-Do is free when you use your personal Microsoft Account, which means Microsoft To-Do is available to all Office 365 Home and Personal customers as well. Both free and Office 365-subscribed personal Microsoft Accounts are powered by Exchange Online in the background, so the technical requirements detailed below are naturally met by default.

Common examples of personal Microsoft Accounts are what you use to log in to Skype, or Xbox. You can manage your personal Microsoft Account here:  

You can also use a work or school Microsoft Account, but you'll want to make sure it is supported first: The following Office 365 suites include the licenses needed to use Microsoft To-Do with a work or school account:  

  • Business Essentials

  • Business Premium

  • Microsoft 365 Firstline F1

  • Enterprise Firstline F1

  • Enterprise Firstline F2

  • Enterprise E1

  • Enterprise E2

  • Enterprise E3

  • Enterprise E4

  • Enterprise E5

  • Secure Productive Business

  • Secure Productive Enterprise E3

  • Secure Productive Enterprise E5

  • Education E1

  • Education E2

  • Education E3

  • Education E4

  • Education A1

  • Education A3

  • Education A4

  • Education A5

  • Microsoft 365 A3

  • Microsoft 365 A5

In addition to a valid product license, one of the following versions of Exchange Online is needed for To-Do to be able to sync user data: 

  • Exchange Online Plan 1

  • Exchange Online Plan 2

  • Exchange Essentials

  • Exchange Online Kiosk

  • Exchange Online POP

The following account types or subscriptions are not yet supported: 

  • Accounts hosted via on-premises installations of Exchange Server

  • Governmental accounts/subscriptions

  • Office Pro Plus or Business

  • Office 365 DE accounts/subscriptions operated by T-Mobile Systems

  • Office 365 China accounts/subscriptions operated by 21Vianet

For more information on why we have these requirements, please visit "Why do I receive a message to contact my IT admin?" 

How can I reset my password?
If you've forgotten your Microsoft Account password, you can reset it here:   
If you need to reset the password for a Work or School account, please follow the instructions for your organization.   

How can I sync my account?
To sync your to-dos and lists between computer and phone, just log in with the same account on each device. Microsoft To-Do updates every 5 seconds, so all of your changes should be displayed automatically. If you notice that your app isn't updating, just head to your account settings and tap Sync. Since your to-dos are stored on Exchange Online servers, they will also sync automatically to your Outlook Tasks.   

Can I import my to-dos from another app?
Yes, you can import your data from Wunderlist.

1. Select Settings to find the link to our Importer and select Get Started.     
2. Authenticate your Wunderlist account.  
3. All of your lists from Wunderlist will automatically be selected to import to Microsoft To-Do.  You can deselect those that you would prefer not to import.  
4. Tap or click Import Selected.
5. Sign in using the same MSA that you use with Microsoft To-Do and accept the To-Do Importer app permissions.

Note: The import is a one time action. Your data in Microsoft To-Do will not remain in sync with your Wunderlist account. Likewise, each new import will create a new copy of the list. With future updates we plan to support import from CSV as well. Please feel free to get in touch and let us know if that’s something you’d like to see.  

How can I see my to-dos in Outlook Tasks?
One of Microsoft To-Do’s features is an integration with Outlook Tasks. To view your Microsoft To-Do tasks on your Outlook Desktop client or on, you simply need to use the same Microsoft Account to log in to both Microsoft To-Do and Outlook. All to-dos are stored on Exchange Online servers, so they will be shown in both Microsoft To-Do and Outlook Tasks automatically.  

Why are there are differences between my Tasks in Outlook and in Microsoft To-Do?
Microsoft To-Do doesn’t yet support all the varied features of Outlook Tasks. While data you have entered in those additional details in Outlook Tasks will be stored safely on the servers, it will not be displayed in Microsoft To-Do. Specifically, Microsoft To-Do does not currently support the start and end dates, task status, task completion percentage, priority levels, task work hours, task colors, or option to format text in notes that are available in Outlook Tasks.    

We are currently working to deepen our Outlook integration. Please tell us which options you miss most so that we can prioritize those features with our next updates.   

Why isn't my account syncing with Outlook 2016 on Windows?
At the moment, only personal Microsoft accounts using an domain are able to sync between Microsoft To-Do and Outlook 2016. If your personal Microsoft account uses a domain such as,, or, then your to-dos should sync automatically between Microsoft To-Do and Outlook 2016 on Windows. 

However, if you’re using a personal Microsoft account registered to a different domain, like or, your to-dos won’t sync automatically. In order to sync your to-dos between Microsoft To-Do and Outlook 2016, you’ll need to a create a new alias for your account by registering a new email address.  To create a new alias, just do the following:

  • Head to and log in to your personal Microsoft account.

  • Under Account alias(es), select Add email.

  • Make sure the option to Create a new email address and add it as an alias is selected and enter a new address.

  • Select Add alias.

  • Once the new alias has been added to your account, just select the option to Make primary

Now that your new address is the primary alias for your account, you’ll need to update your Microsoft account within Outlook 2016:

  • First, remove your initial Microsoft account.

  • Then add your new email address as an Office 365 account to Outlook 2016 by heading to File>Add Account.

  • Enter your new email address and then select Connect.

  • Alternatively, you may need to enter your name, email address and password and then select Next.

  • If prompted, enter your password and then select OK.

  • Then just select Finish.

Your to-dos should then sync between Microsoft To-Do and Outlook 2016 automatically.     

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