Get notifications for shared lists

Get updates for changes in shared lists. If you turn on notifications for Microsoft To Do on your device, you’ll be notified about changes in shared lists on Windows, Android, and iOS when: 

  • Someone joins the list

  • A new task is added

  • A task is completed

  • A task is unchecked

  • A task is deleted

Note: Notifications for shared lists are currently only available on Windows, Android, and iOS. Notifications for Microsoft To Do must be enabled on your device for you to receive notifications for shared list activity.  

Turn off notifications in shared lists

On Windows: 

1. Open To Do > Settings  

2. Scroll down to Notifications 

3. Toggle Shared list activity off 

On Android 8.0 and above: 

1. Open Android settings 

2. Open Notifications 

3. Tap Microsoft To Do 

4. Toggle Shared list activities off 

Note: It’s not currently possible to turn off notifications for shared lists on iOS. Version 2.7 of To Do will include an option to turn off notifications for shared lists. 

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