Get help redeeming your product key

Redeeming your product key is a one-time process that adds your new Office product to your Microsoft account. When you're done, you'll use your Microsoft account, not your product key, to install and activate Office.

Note: If you have an existing Office 365 subscription and don't use recurring billing, you can redeem a new product key to renew your subscription.

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To get started, remove your product key from your Office package, or gently scratch the silver foil on the back of your product key card. If you bought Office from the Microsoft Store, your product key is on your receipt.

Your product key is in a card in your product box or on the back of your product key card

Have you already redeemed your key? Skip to 5. Install Office.

1. Go to

Open a new browser window or tab and go to

Go to in your web browser

2. Sign in

Sign in using your Microsoft account, or create a new one (be sure to note your account details)

If we detect your account, we'll sign you in automatically

Learn more | Troubleshoot sign-in

Sign in with your Microsoft account, or create one

3. Enter your key

Type your product key (you can omit the hyphens)

Select your country or region and your language

Troubleshoot product key errors

Tip: if you see the message This product key has already been used, skip to 5. Install Office.

Enter your product key and select your country or region and your language

4. Follow the prompts

The next steps can vary, so follow the on-screen prompts for your product below

Office 365

Provide payment info to enable recurring billing (if prompted), or confirm your subscription

Review the details of your Office 365 subscription

Get help with Open Banking (PSD2) and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Office 2019

Review your details to confirm your Microsoft account and Office product

Review your Office product

5. Install Office

Sign in to

Troubleshoot sign-in

Locate your Office product and select Install

Shows the Install link on the Services & subscriptions page

On a PC, select install options (like language and 32-bit or 64-bit)

On a PC or Mac, select Install again

Shows the Install button in the Download Office dialog box

Now you can start the download process

  • On a PC, start the download process in your web browser

  • On a Mac, double-click installer.pkg in Finder > Downloads

Need help? PC steps | Mac steps

Start the download process

Open an Office app, like Word, on your PC or Mac to finish up

  • On a PC, select Start, type Word, and select its icon to open it

  • On a Mac, select Launchpad on the dock and select Word to open it

Need help? PC steps | Mac steps

Start an Office app

Next steps for Office 365 subscribers

Install Office on your other PCs and Macs

Just repeat the installation process above for each device

5. Install Office

Share Office 365 Home

Office 365 Home subscribers can share Office family and friends.

Share your subscription

Set up Office and email on your mobile devices

You can install Office on your mobile phones and tablets as well.

Set up your mobile devices

Did you buy multiple product keys?

Repeat the redemption process for each key to extend your subscription for up to 5 years.

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