Frequently asked questions about LinkedIn in Microsoft apps

I want to see LinkedIn information for others in my Microsoft apps and services, but I don’t want others to see my LinkedIn information. How do I hide my profile?

You’re in control of your account, so you can select if and how others see your LinkedIn information. Learn how you can adjust your LinkedIn public profile settings.

Can people see that I have viewed their LinkedIn information on their profile card?

No, they cannot. When you view someone’s LinkedIn information strictly on their profile card in Microsoft apps (for example, Outlook or OneDrive), they will not be notified.

I see LinkedIn information in Microsoft apps but I don’t see a person’s LinkedIn information. Why not? 

If you don’t see a person’s LinkedIn information, it could be because: 

  • The person doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile.

  • The person has adjusted their LinkedIn profile visibility setting.

What happens when I have different profile information in my Microsoft and LinkedIn profiles? 

Your information on LinkedIn will not replace your information in Microsoft or the other way around. 

For example, let’s say that your title on your LinkedIn profile is “Senior Researcher”, and your title in your Microsoft profile is “Sr UX researcher”. In this case, your title on your LinkedIn profile will still show as “Senior Researcher”, and your title on your Microsoft profile will still show as “Sr UX researcher”. 

Can I connect my LinkedIn account to several Microsoft work or school accounts? 

Yes, as long as your Microsoft work or school accounts are with different organizations. For example, let’s say you work full time for Contoso and part-time for Fabrikam. You can connect your LinkedIn account to both work accounts. 

I’ve connected my LinkedIn and Microsoft work accounts, but now I’m leaving my company. What should I do? 

We recommend that you disconnect your accounts when you leave your current work or school. 

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