Format the Gantt bars in Project Web Access

You can format the color, shape, and pattern of the Gantt bars in the various Gantt Charts views that users can apply to their My Work page, Project Center, and other views.

  1. On the Quick Launch, click Server Settings.

  2. On the Server Settings page, click Gantt Chart Formats.

  3. On the Gantt Chart Formats page, in the Gantt Chart list, select the name of the Gantt Chart view that you want to format.

    Note: To rename the Gantt Chart view, in the Gantt Chart list, select the name of the Gantt Chart view that you want to rename, and then click Rename. Type the new name, and then click OK. You cannot change the names of the individual Gantt bars.

  4. To format the individual Gantt bars, do the following:

    • To show or hide a Gantt bar when the Gantt Chart view is displayed, select the bar name, and then select or clear the Display check box.

    • Select the Gantt bar that you want to format and then select the shape, color, and pattern that you want to apply to each part of the bar. A preview of the resulting Gantt bar is displayed in the Gantt Chart view on the Gantt Chart Formats page.

  5. Click Save.

Note: The Personal Gantt (Tasks) view is not available to team members by default. To make the view available to team members, click Server Settings, and then click Task Settings and Display on the Server Settings page. In the Enable Team Member Gantt view section, click Enable ActiveX Gantt view for all users.

Why can't I perform some actions in Project Web Access?

Depending on the permissions settings you used to log on to Project Web Access, you may not be able to see or use certain features. Also, what you see on some pages may differ from what is documented if your server administrator customized Project Web Access and did not customize the Help to match.

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