Format a video in your PowerPoint 2016 for Mac presentation

Once you've added a video to your presentation, you can add basic effects, trim the video, and choose how the video is played.

Choose how your video is played

  1. Select the video you want to format.

  2. Click the Video Format tab on the ribbon.

    Shows the Video Format tab in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

  3. Click the Start button on the video tab to choose if you want your video to play Automatically when you get to the slide in your presentation, or if you want the video to play When Clicked.

    Shows video start options in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

Add video effects

If you want to give your video some extra style or formatting, you can do so with Video Effects.

  1. On the Video Format tab, click Video Effects.

  2. You can choose any number of effects to give your video more emphasis—Shadow, Reflection, Glow, Soft Edges, Bevel, or 3-D Rotation.

    Shows the Video Effects menu in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

Trim the video

You might want to remove parts of a video that are not pertinent to the message of your presentation. Use the Trim Video feature to trim away the beginning and/or end of your video clip.

Important: You can only trim videos that you've embedded from your computer. The Trim option is not available for videos inserted from the web.

  1. In Normal or Outline view, select the video frame on the slide.

  2. On the Playback tab of the ribbon, click Trim Video.

  3. To determine where you want to trim your sound clip, click Play.

  4. When you reach the point where you want to make the cut, click Pause.

    You can use Next Frame and Previous Frame (adjoining the Play button) to fine-tune the location where you set a marker.

  5. Do one or both of the following:

    • To trim the beginning of the clip, click the green Set button on the left-hand side.

    • To trim the end of the clip, click the red Set button on the right-hand side.

      The Trim Audio dialog box

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