Footers and headers for different situations

How you make headers and footers depends on where you want them to appear—handouts for the audience? notes for the speaker? on-screen slides?

For instructions, select the link below that corresponds to what you're making:

Printed handout

Printed handouts: Page numbers, footers, headers, date and time, and pictures

Printed speaker notes

Printed speaker notes: Page numbers, footers, headers, and date/time

On-screen slide in landscape view

On-screen slides: Slide numbers, footers, date and time

Change the font

See Change the fonts in a footer on a slide.

Delete headers/footers/numbering

Turn off or delete headers/footers for Handouts

Turn off or delete headers/footers for Notes

Turn off or delete headers/footers for On-screen slides

Add a logo/picture

Add an image to handouts

Add an image to Notes

Add a background picture or logo to on-screen slides

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