Find data issues in the Power Query Editor

Data Profiling allows you to easily find issues with your data within the Power Query Editor. In addition to the inline Column Quality bar and Value Distribution histograms, you can use the Column Profiles pane. This pane provides deeper profiling capabilities for any given column, including:

  • Column statistics   # of errors, empty, valid, duplicated and unique values. Value distribution measures such as Min/Max/Average/Median, etc.

  • Column distribution   Larger version of the inline value distribution histograms, also including the ability to Keep or Remove values, which will generate the corresponding Filter Rows step in your query (“Equals” / “Does Not Equal” filters).

    Data Profiling options at the bottom of the Power Query Editor

Display Data Profiling elements

  1. Open the View tab in the Power Query Editor.

  2. In the Data Preview group, select the elements you want to display:

    Data Profiling options on the View tab of the Power Query Editor ribbon

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