Export or delete a user's organizational data in Kaizala

When users in your organization use Kaizala, consumer data is generated and organizational data may be generated if the user participates in an enterprise group established by the organization. Admins can export user's organizational data from the Kaizala management portal. Kaizala users can export their private data from the Kaizala mobile app. Check out Export or delete your data in the Kaizala mobile app for more info.

How admins can export organizational data

To export an organization's data from Kaizala, you can do that in the Kaizala management portal. Follow the steps below to export an organization's data. You must be a member of the global admin role group to complete these steps.

  1. Sign in to the Kaizala management portal.

  2. Select Reports and choose Export tenant data.

Follow the steps to generate an archive file which will contain multiple CSV files. These CSV files will contain all the data which is associated with the organization. To find data generated by a particular user, you will need to filter for that user using Excel functionality.

Important: The export process includes the product and service usage user’s telemetry data.

How admins can delete organizational data

To completely remove a user's organizational data from Kaizala, you can remove that user in the Kaizala management portal. Once the user is deleted, their information will be deleted from organizational groups in Kaizala and non-organizational groups will remain.

Remove a user from Kaizala admin portal

To remove a user from Kaizala, follow the steps below. You must be a member of the global admin role group to complete these steps.

  1. Sign in to Kaizala admin portal.

  2. Select Users, and choose the phone number that you want to delete, and select Delete.

The user will be removed from all the groups which belong to your organization. Their data, including messages and content shared on the organization groups, any Kaizala Actions, will be deleted from the user's device. You have 30 days to restore the account before the user's data is permanently deleted.

If the user had access to the Kaizala management portal, they'll no longer be able to access the portal if the user has also been removed from AAD.

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