Error messages after updating to Office for Mac 64-bit

Starting from August 22, 2016, Office 2016 for Mac users will all eventually be upgraded to a 64-bit version from the 32-bit version. This update is rolled out over a period of time, and for most users is a seamless experience. If you're experiencing error messages and issues after updating to the 64-bit version, you may have incompatible 32-bit add-ons.

Are my add-ins compatible with Office 2016 for Mac 64-bit?

If your add-ins were installed on your Office 2016 for Mac before August 22, 2016, they may be 32-bit. If you are experiencing any of these common error messages or behaviors, you will need to update your add-ins. You can find a list of popular 32-bit add-ins that have known issues here.

  • When you launch Application, you receive an error message that reads: "Compile error in hidden module: ‘<name>’."

    This error commonly occurs when an add-in's code is incompatible with the current version, platform, or architecture of Office 2016 for Mac.

  • Inside an Office 2016 for Mac application, you see the add-in buttons are greyed out.

  • Inside an Office 2016 for Mac application, your add-in buttons are missing from the ribbon.

Troubleshooting add-ons for Office 2016 for Mac

If you find that you have 32-bit add-ins in your upgraded Office 2016 for Mac, you can disable them using the steps below:

Turn off add-ins in Office 2016 for Mac

  1. Go to Tools > Templates and Add-ins

  2. In the Global Templates and Add-ins list, all installed add-ins that are running will show.

  3. Check or select an add-in to edit, or turn off by clicking the + or - option. Click OK when done.

  4. Exit and restart the application.

If the Office application starts correctly, the add-in you unchecked is causing the problem. We recommend you visit the company website for the add-in to find out if there’s an updated 64-bit version you can install. If there isn’t a newer version or if you don’t need to use the add-in you can leave it unchecked.

Add-ins that may cause problems with Office 2016 for Mac

These popular add-ins are known to cause problems with Office 2016 for Mac 64-bit if you have the 32-bit version installed. To get the most up-to-date version of the add-in, click on the links below.

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