Enter equipment costs and other cost resources

If you’re confused about the various types of costs you can enter in Microsoft Project, you’re not alone. There are rate-based resource costs, and fixed costs you can enter for tasks. But there’s also something called cost resources. How are these different from resource costs and fixed costs?

Typically, when we talk about resource costs, we refer to the rate-based resource costs for people and materials. Cost resources are a “fixed” type of resource cost, like the cost of equipment your people need, or one-time resource costs such as their travel expenses.

Unlike fixed costs you enter for tasks, you enter cost resources on the Resource Sheet., and then you assign them to tasks. Unlike people or material resources, cost resources don’t affect the schedule when they’re assigned to tasks.

Here’s how you enter cost resources:

  1. Click View > Resource Sheet.

    Resource Sheet on the View tab

  2. If you don’t see the Entry table, click View > Tables > Entry.

    Tables button on the View tab

  3. In the Resource Name field, type a name for the cost resource. For example, enter an equipment resource named Equipment rental, or a cost resource named Airfare.

  4. In the Type field, click the arrow, and pick Cost.

    Type Field showing Work

  5. Click View > Gantt Chart.

    Gantt Chart button on the View tab

  6. Click the task to which you want to assign the cost resource.

  7. In the Resource Names column, click the arrow, and check the box next to the name of your cost resource.

    If you don’t see the resource column, press Tab to move to that column.

  8. Click View > Task Usage.

    Task Usage button on the View menu

  9. Right-click the task the cost resource is assigned to, and pick Information.

    Right-click menu for tasks

  10. In the Task Information dialog box, click the Resources tab, and enter a cost amount for your cost resource in the Cost field.

    Resource tab in the Task Information dialog box


  • If you add a cost resource amount on a date that falls outside of a task's current start or end date, Microsoft Project adjusts the start or end date to include the date of the assigned cost resource. For example, if a task begins on August 1 and ends on August 15, and you enter a cost resource amount of $500 on August 21, the end date of the task will be August 21.

  • The cost amount of cost resources is not affected by the amount of work done on the task they’re assigned to.

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