Distribute Forms to students using Assignments in Microsoft Teams

Distribute Forms to students using Assignments in Microsoft Teams

You can send a Forms quiz to students using the Assignments feature in Microsoft Teams. Students can take quizzes—and you can grade them—without leaving Teams.

Getting started 

  1. Make sure you're signed in to your O365 for Education account.

  2. In Microsoft Teams, select the class team where you want to distribute the quiz. 

  3. In the General channel, select the Assignments tab. Select the arrow for the Create dropdown menu, then New quiz. 

    New quiz selection in Microsoft Teams Assignments tab

  4. Select an existing quiz or create a new one. Use the search bar if you don't see the quiz you're looking for right away.

    Note: If you select +New Form, a new web browser window will open on your device at http://forms.microsoft.com. Create your quiz in Forms, then return to Teams. Your new quiz will now be available to select and distribute. 

    Choose a form to add to new quiz in Microsoft Teams

  5. Once you select your desired quiz, it will be added to the assignment and appear under Resources. Enter the rest of your desired assignment settings, then select Assign

    New assignment details

Distributing to students   

  1. After you've selected Assign, your students will be notified of the new assignment. A card will also appear in the Conversation tab of the General channel with the due date and a link to the assignment's details.

  2. Once they receive the assignment with the attached quiz, students can complete the quiz right within Teams. 


Reviewing student responses

  1. Navigate to the assignment, then select Review.

    alt text ph

  2. Select a quiz next to a student's name.

  3. From here, you can see results by student or by question. Select Review next to navigate to the next student or question. You can also use the arrows to toggle between students while in the People tab.

    Graded Forms quiz results in Teams

  4. Once you've finished reviewing quiz responses, navigate back to the Review page, where you'll see an updated score next to each student's name you reviewed. 

    Student quiz results in the Assignments gradebook

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