Diagnostic data in Office

You expect Office to be secure and work properly. To meet this expectation, we collect diagnostic data as you use Office which helps us find and fix problems and improve your experience. To make sure we're listening to you we've also built ways for you to send us feedback at any time.

What information is collected and why

Diagnostic data is sent to Microsoft and used to help us understand and fix application issues, keep your product secure, up to date, performing properly, and improve Office for you.

This data includes information about the program itself, the proper function of Office, and basic error data. Diagnostic data does not include any of your content from documents or emails. 

Diagnostic Data contains the following types of information:

  • Connectivity and configuration data such as the version of Office in use; and the name, version, and publisher of any add-ins installed and being used in Office

  • Whether Office is ready for an update and if there are factors that may impede the ability to receive updates

  • Whether updates install successfully

  • Error reporting, which is data about the Office programs running on your device; for example, if a program such as Word hangs or crashes

  • Critical feature usage data is collected, for the purpose of ensuring the product is running properly

  • Data about Office connectivity and configuration

  • Common data including diagnostic header information about Office

Diagnostic Data may contain "personal data" as defined by Article 4 of the European GDPR. All diagnostic data Microsoft collects during the use of Office applications and services is pseudonymized, as defined in ISO/IEC 19944:2017, section 8.3.3. 

We need your feedback

How do I give feedback on Microsoft Office explains how you can help us improve Office.

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