Deleting a workspace in SharePoint Workspace 2010

You can delete a workspace from the Launchbar.

  1. On the Workspace tab, click the workspace you want to delete.

  2. Click Delete, and then click a workspace deletion option.


    • From This Computer: The selected workspace is deleted from your account on this computer. However, if you have added your account to one or more other computers, the workspace will continue to be listed under the category "Not On This Computer."

      Note: This is the only option available for SharePoint workspaces. Additionally, note that deleting a SharePoint Workspace has no effect on the corresponding content on the SharePoint server. If desired, you can create a new SharePoint Workspace and download content from the same SharePoint site.

    • From All My Computers: The selected workspace is deleted from all computers on which you have your account. Your membership in the workspace is terminated unless another member re-invites you. This option is available only if you have your account on more than one computer.

    • For All Members: The selected workspace is deleted on all workspace members' computers. This option is available only to workspace managers. Use this option only if you are certain that all members are no longer using the workspace and any essential information has been archived.

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