Creating and managing Q&As

Create Q&As

Q&As provide the best possible answer for your user's work-related questions. Users can easily discover them when they enter keywords you've associated with them on Bing.

Manage Q&As

Use the Q&A status, filtering tools, and bulk export/import tools to find and update Q&A content, including title, answer, keywords, and URLs.

Q&A status

In the Admin portal, you can view Q&As by their current status:

  • Published
    Published Q&As appear in Bing search results when an authorized user searches for a keyword.

  • Draft
    If a Q&A isn't ready to publish, save it as a draft. Draft Q&As will not appear on Bing.

  • Scheduled
    Scheduled Q&As are automatically published on a future date.

  • Expired
    Expired Q&As were automatically removed from published content based on the expiration date.

  • Suggested
    Suggested Q&As are based on feedback from users.

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Creating and managing Q&As

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