Create Christmas and Holiday cards, labels and more with Office

For more ideas on how Office 365 can help with your holidays, watch our holiday how-to videos: Using Office for the holidays.

Check out these cool holiday tips and see what you can create for your holidays right within Office.

It's party time

Instead of squeezing your way through crowds at the mall to pick up some party stationery, why not create your own in just few minutes? Word and Publisher have templates that you can customize for any winter holiday event.

  • In Word or Publisher, go to File > New.

  • In the Search box, type holiday party and press Enter. Take your pick from flyers, invitations, stationary, place cards and more.

Make last minute holiday cards

In Word or Publisher, along with newsletters and brochures, you can also create professional-looking, custom seasonal greeting cards. Why not give it a try?

  • In Word or Publisher , go to File > New.

  • In the Search box, enter holiday card and then, open the template you like best.

  • Edit the text to create your own message, print and send.

With Publisher you can have your cards printed professionally at a copy shop or other commercial printer. Just use Publisher’s Pack and Go feature.

Label with style

Do you want your envelopes to look festive? You can create holiday-themed mailing labels that will get everyone, even the mail carrier, in the right mood!

  • In Word, go to File > New

  • In the Search box, type holiday address label, press Enter. Add the name and address for each recipient, for a return address label, add your own address and copy and paste it to the whole sheet.

Holiday gifts come tagged with love

When you are hunting through the presents piled under the tree, how will you know whose present is whose? Microsoft Word helps you create the perfect gift tags and labels.

  • In Word, go to File > New

  • In the Search box, enter Gifts and select the gift tag template you want to use.

  • In Word, add the names of the recipient and the giver on each tag. The label templates are designed to fit commercial label sheets. Check the template information for the name and style of the labels it’s designed for.

Manage your holiday mailing list with Excel

Sending out your holiday cards is probably the biggest single mailing you do all year. You can simplify this by putting your contacts in an Excel spreadsheet. Keep your spreadsheet updated and it will save you time every year!

  • Open a new spreadsheet in Excel.

  • Populate the spreadsheet with your holiday contacts information (First name, Last name, Address) and name it something you’ll remember from year to year, like holiday contact list.

  • When you’re done, Word's mail merge feature creates mailing labels, envelopes, in a jiffy.

Cooking up presents

There is plenty of cooking and baking around the holidays. You can use Microsoft Word to give a lucky recipient one of your favorite recipes.

  • In Word, go to File > New.

  • In the Search box, type recipe and press enter. Select the recipe card template you want to use.

  • In Word, type in the ingredients and instructions for stirring up your gift of love!

Gift certificates

Sometimes the best gift is an experience. Microsoft Word has plenty of holiday-appropriate designs for gift certificates

  • In Word, go to File > New.

  • In the Search box, enter holiday gift certificates, and select the template you want to use.

Fill in the certificate in Word or print it out and give it the personal touch with your own handwriting.

Brighten up your annual holiday letter

Pictures, they say, are worth a thousand words. Think how much you can say when you add pictures and illustrations to your annual holiday letter!

  • In Word, go to Insert > Online Pictures, and then search for the image you want, like holiday ornaments.

  • Select and insert the image that you want to add it to your letter.

Out of office, yay!

So, you’re travelling to be with your family —what happens when people email you and expect an immediate response? If you have Outlook you can forestall their impatience by setting up an automatic out of office reply and enjoy your time away.

  • In Outlook, go to File > Automatic Replies.

  • Select Send automatic replies.

  • On the Inside My Organization tab, set the time frame for the automatic replies, and then write the message you want people to see.

Picture the holidays in PowerPoint

You know that PowerPoint is great for business presentations, but did you know you can use it to make great photo cards? Pick a card

  • In PowerPoint, File > New.

  • In the Search box, enter photo card and press enter. Open the template you want to use.

  • Add a picture of a family member or pet, update the text and you’ve got a wonderful card that you can print out and send.

Calender photo fun

Yes, you have calendars on your phone and desktop, but there’s really nothing like those personalized photo calendars that you can create and give to people you love.

  • In Word or PowerPoint, go to File > New.

  • In the Search box, type photo calendar and press enter. Open the template you like the best.

  • Store your photos on the go to your OneDrive and find fun photos you took over this year and use Insert > Pictures to add them to the calendar. You can even highlight special dates and anniversaries, and include jokes, or inspiring quotations. Make it yours.

Holiday-themed coloring pages

Here’s a way to keep your kids busy (and having fun) without using up their daily screen time.

  • In Word, go to File > New.

  • In the Search box, enter holiday coloring book and press enter.

You’ll find a coloring books that you can print and use from Word.

Track your gift list

Santa has a hard-enough time keeping track of what everyone wants, but you can do it with OneNote. Make a checklist of presents for each person you want to buy for. You can even add pictures or shopping locations for each item. If you set it up on OneDrive, your notebook is accessible from any computer, tablet, and even your phone, you can always keep on top of your list. No need to check it twice!

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