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Tables are a great way to organize information in your notes pages. Start by typing and using the Tab and Enter keys. Or, draw a simple grid. Then if you want, make more sophisticated tables with headers, borders, and shading.

A sample table

Create a table with keyboard shortcuts

  1. The easiest way to start a table is to press the Tab key.

    Start a table with the Tab key
  2. Type text in the new column.

    Type text to create a new  column
  3. To create another column, press the Tab key, and type text.

    Pressing the Tab key to create a new column
  4. To create new a row, press Enter in the last cell.

    Creating a new row with the Return key.
  5. To finish, press Enter in the first cell of the last row.

    Finishing the table with the Retun key

The final results
The final table

Try it!

  • Create the table above by using the Tab and Enter keys.

Create a table with the ribbon

  1. Choose Insert > Table.

  2. Move the mouse pointer over the grid to choose the table size, and then click.

    Insert a Table
  3. Use the table ribbon to modify the size, borders, and colors of the table.

    Using the table ribbon

Try it!

  • Create the table above by using the Table ribbon.

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