Create a Power View sheet connected to an external data model in Excel

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In Excel 2013, every workbook can contain an internal Data Model that you can modify in Excel, in Power Pivot, and even in a Power View sheet in Excel. A workbook can contain only one internal Data Model, and you can base a Power View in sheet on the Data Model in the same workbook or on an external data source – another workbook, or a SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services (SSAS) tabular model. A single Excel workbook can contain multiple Power View sheets, and each of the sheets can be based on a different data model.

  1. To base a Power View sheet on an external data model, insert a blank Excel worksheet in the workbook, and on the Data tab > Get External Data (by creating a connection or using an existing connection).

    • If you want to reuse a connection you already have in this workbook, click Existing Connections, select the connection you want to use, and click Open.

Note:  If you get external data while in the Power Pivot window, it is automatically added to the internal Data Model, and so it isn’t a separate data model.

  1. Provide the needed information in the Data Connection Wizard.

  2. In the last step, the Import Data dialog box, click Power View Report.

Excel opens a new Power View sheet with the external data model in the Field List.

Each Power View sheet has its own charts, tables, and other visualizations. You can copy and paste a chart or other visualization from one sheet to another, but only if both sheets are based on the same data model.

Read more about the Data Model in Excel.

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