Create a PivotTable timeline to filter dates

Create a PivotTable timeline to filter dates

Instead of playing around with filters to show dates, you can now use a PivotTable timeline. It’s a box you can add to your PivotTable that lets you filter by time, and zoom in on the period you want. Click Analyze > Insert Timeline to call it up.


Much like a slicer you create to filter data, you can insert a timeline once and keep it with your PivotTable to change the time period on the fly. Here’s how:

  1. Click anywhere in a PivotTable to show the PivotTable Tools.

PivotTable Tools

  1. Click Analyze > Insert Timeline.

Insert Timeline on the Analysis tab

  1. In the Insert Timelines dialog box, check the boxes of the date fields you want, and click OK.

Insert Timelines dialog box

Use a timeline to filter by time period

With your timeline in place, you’re ready to filter by a time period in one of four time levels (years, quarters, months, or days).

  1. Click the arrow next to the time level shown, and pick the one you want.

Time levels arrow

  1. Drag the timeline scroll bar to the time period you want to analyze.

Timeline scroll bar

  1. In the timespan control, click a period tile and drag to include additional tiles to select the date range you want. Use the timespan handles to adjust the date range on either side.

Timespan selection handles

  1. To clear a timeline, click the Clear Filter button Clear Filter button .

Tip:  If you want to combine slicers with a timeline to filter the same date field, you can do that by checking the Allow multiple filters per field box in the PivotTable Options dialog box (PivotTable Tools > Analyze > Options > Totals & Filters tab).

Customize a timeline

When a timeline covers your PivotTable data, you can move it to a better location and change its size. You can also change the timeline style, which may be useful if you have more than one timeline.

  • To move the timeline, simply drag it to the location you want.

  • To change the size of the timeline, click it, and then drag the sizing handles to the size you want.

  • To change the style of the timeline, click it to display the Timeline Tools, and then pick the style you want on the Options tab.

Timeline Styles on the Options tab of the Timeline Tools

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