Create a calendar in Visio

To create a calendar in Visio, start with the calendar template and use shapes to set up the time periods—for example, daily or yearly. Then drag shapes onto the calendar for events, reminders or notes, and configure them to include data about the occasions they represent.

  1. Click File > New, and then in the Suggested searches list, click the Schedule category.

  2. Click the Calendar template.

  3. In the Calendar template description box, click Create.

  4. From Calendar Shapes, drag the shape for the type of calendar you want, such as Day, Week or Month.

  5. In the Configure box that appears, specify the date range you want the calendar to cover, and set the other options, and click OK. Configure automatically fills the correct dates into the calendar days. Build calendar in Visio

To change the date range of the calendar, right-click the calendar and click Configure. In the Configure box, change the start or end date.

Configure box not working for you? Make sure automation is turned on.

  1. Click File > Options.

  2. In the Visio Options box, click Advanced.

  3. Under General, make sure the Enable Automation Events box is checked.

Add or change calendar contents

Use shapes to add events or information. Then use the Configure box to set or change the time, place or other information about an event.

Tip:  You don’t have to fill your calendar from scratch—see Import appointments from Outlook into a Visio calendar.

Add or change an appointment

  1. From Calendar Shapes, drag the Appointment shape onto a calendar day.

  2. In the Configure box that appears, specify the start and end time, and other information about the appointment, and then click OK.

Configure an event

To change the date, time or other information about an appointment, right-click it and click Configure. Then change the information as needed.

Tip:  When you have the Shape Data box open on your drawing, you can also see and change appointment information for any appointment you click. To open the Shape Data box, right-click an appointment and click Shape Data. It stays open on your drawing until you close it or close the drawing.

Add or change a multi-day event

  1. From Calendar Shapes, drag the Multi-day event shape onto the day on which the event begins.

  2. In the Configure box, specify the details, such as the ending date and place, and then click OK.

Add calendar art

From Calendar Shapes, drag a shape, such as Important, Celebration, Pushpin, or a weather shape, onto the day you want to mark.

Add text to the calendar

Double-click any shape on the calendar, including a day, appointment, event or art shape, to automatically create a text box, and add text. To edit the text later, double-click the day or shape again.

Add a thumbnail image of the previous or next month

  1. From Calendar Shapes, drag the Thumbnail month shape onto your drawing page.

  2. In the Configure box, specify the calendar options you want, and then click OK.

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