Configure sign-in options and general preferences

You can configure certain sign-in options, including whether Communicator Mobile should try to sign in automatically.

To configure sign-in options and general preferences

  1. Do one of the following:

    • If you are signed in, click Menu > Options.

    • If you are not signed in, click Options.

  2. Click General, and then optionally do one or all of the following, depending on your preferences:

    • To automatically start Communicator and sign in whenever you start your mobile device, select Automatically sign me in.

    • To automatically sign in to Communicator whenever the device establishes a connection to a network, select Reconnect if network lost.

    • To suspend presence updates when you are not using Communicator Mobile, select Status updates off when idle.

      Note: If you disable presence updates during idle periods, you can help extend the battery life of the device. However, when the device becomes active after an idle period, Communicator Mobile can seem unresponsive while it attempts to update presence status for all your contacts.

    • To view contacts in your Contact List according to their presence status, select Group contacts by availability.

    • To view members of distribution group subgroups in your Contact List, select Expand distribution subgroups.

  3. When you are finished, click Done.

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