Column and Field Properties dialog box (Check tab)

Use these options to create check-clause code that enforces constraints for a column.

Microsoft Office Visio automatically generates the check-clause code based on a range or set of values that you specify on this tab. You can customize the automatically generated code.

Automatically generated check-clause code for a column does not appear in the Code window. If you then generate or update a DDL script for your target database, Visio adds the check clause to the Code window for that database.

Show Value/Range

Specifies the ranges or values that will be checked.


Type the minimum value that defines the required range to check. If this is left blank, then no minimum value is assumed.


Type the maximum value that defines the required range to check. If this is left blank, then no maximum value is assumed.


Type a value to include in a set of values. After each value, click Add.


Click to add the specified set or range of values to the Defined values/ranges box as a new check clause.


Click to delete the check clause selected in the Defined values/ranges list.

Defined values/ranges

Lists the specified ranges or values.

Show Check Clause Code

Click to show the column's check-clause code.

Physical name

Shows the name of the check-clause code.


Click to edit the check-clause code.

Check Clause

Shows the check-clause code.

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