Close tasks to update

If you have the appropriate permissions in Microsoft Project Web App, you can lock project tasks in order to prevent people from submitting task updates.

Note:  Changes to task updating will not take effect until the next time that the project is published.

To prevent updates to a task:

  1. On the Quick Launch, in the Settings section, click Server Settings.

  2. On the Server Settings page, in the Time and Task Management section, click Close Tasks to Update.

  3. On the Close Tasks to Update page, in the Select a project list, click the project that contains the task that you want to close for updating.

  4. In the Select Tasks section, in the Lock column, select the check box for each task that you want to close to updating.

Tip:  If you want to prevent updates to all tasks in a project, click Select All, below the table in the Select Tasks section. You can also click Clear All to remove all current selections in the Lock column.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • To publish your project and close the selected tasks to updating, click Publish.

      Note:  Publishing your project to close tasks to updating will also publish all applied task updates and any other changes that were made to the plan. If you are not ready to publish that information, click Submit instead, to save your task closure settings. When you are ready to publish other changes to your project, the task closure settings are also published.

    • To save your changes without publishing the project, click Submit. Tasks that you selected to be closed for updating will remain open until you publish the project.

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