Class Notebook Tools (Preview) for OneNote 2016 for Mac

The Class Notebook Tools for OneNote 2016 for Mac enable teachers to save time and work even more efficiently with their Class Notebooks.

Features include:

  • Distribute pages or new sections to students in a class quickly and easily

  • Copy sections to Content Libraries in multiple notebooks quickly and easily

  • Sequentially review student work (for example, assignments or quizzes)

  • Easily navigate and browse student notebooks through a student list

  • Launch Class Notebook app functionality

  • Provide useful Professional Development and Community Resources

Class Notebook tab

If you have administrative rights to a class notebook, the Class Notebook tab will be visible whenever you are in that notebook.

Class Notebook Management Tools on the ribbon

Distribute Page

Use this to easily distribute pages to all students in a class.

  1. Navigate to the page you want to distribute. This could be in the Content Library, Collaboration Space, or any section within the Class Notebook.

  2. Click Distribute Page.

  3. Choose a student section to copy the page into and it will be copied to all private student notebooks containing that section.

Distribute Page dialog box


  • If the student doesn’t have that section (or has deleted it), the section will automatically be created and the page inserted into it.

  • You can select to distribute multiple pages by clicking a page, holding down the Shift or Command key, and then clicking on another page.

Distribute New Section

Use this to push a new, blank section to all students. For example, use it to create a new Labs section in each student notebook.

  1. Click Distribute New Section.

  2. Type the name of the new section you want to distribute to students. When you click Distribute, the new, empty section will appear in each student notebook.

Distribute New Section dialog box

Tip: You can use this to create a new section in each student’s private notebook, and then push a set of pages to them with the Distribute Page feature explained previously.

Copy to Content Library

Use this to copy an existing section (for example, a Master Curriculum section) into one or more Class Notebooks.

  1. By default, the section you are currently in will be selected. You can change your selected section in the panel on the left.

  2. Select the destination notebook(s) to which the section should be copied.

Copy to Content Library dialog box

Tip: This feature can be useful at the beginning of a semester or school year.

Review Student Work

This allows teachers to rapidly review student work that a teacher has previously distributed.

  1. Click Review Student Work.

  2. Choose a section (for example, Homework) to see a list of all pages that were distributed to that section.

  3. Select a page, and then navigate the list of students to review their work.

    Review task pane

    Tip: You can sort students by first name or last name.

View Student Notebooks

This provides a list of all students and their sections, making it easy to quickly navigate and browse students’ notebook activity.

  1. Click View Student Notebooks.

  2. Select a student and a section to browse to it.

    View Student Notebooks task pane

    Tip: You can sort students by first name or last name.


Each of the buttons in the Manage drop-down launches a browser to access the Class Notebook app in Office 365. You can then manage each of the functions in Class Notebook online.

Manage button menu


Professional Development

This button brings together useful resources and additional information and tips.

Resources button menu

Send Feedback

The Send Feedback button on the ribbon lets you send feedback directly to the development team. When you click it, your default email client opens, ready to send us an email.

Send Feedback button

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