Change views on the OneDrive website

Change views on the OneDrive website

You can view files on the OneDrive website in lots of different ways. To make it easier to find files, you can browse, sort, and change how the items appear. You can also view details or change the language.

Browse items

The left pane lets you filter your view of items in OneDrive. To see:

  • All of your OneDrive files and folders, tap or click Files.

  • The Office documents you've viewed recently, tap or click Recent.

  • All photos across your OneDrive arranged by date, tap or click Photos. This view is like a photo journal of your loved ones and adventures. To show only photos from a certain folder in this view, tap or click the arrow next to Folder in the upper-right corner, and then choose the folder. To save the setting for all your future visits to the OneDrive website, choose Set as default.

  • Items that you've shared with other people and that other people have shared with you, tap or click Shared.

  • Items and folders that you've deleted, tap or click Recycle bin.

Sort items

Documents are typically sorted by name, and photos are typically sorted by the date they were created. But you can change how they're sorted. Just tap or click Sort and choose a different option. If you pick Rearrange, you can drag items into any order you want and then save that order.

If you're viewing documents in details view, click the header for a column to sort by that colunn.

Change how items appear

To view files in a list with details, tap or click Details view Change view detail icon . To view files as tiles with thumbnail images, tap or click Thumbnails view The thumbnail Icon .

The cluster of buttons in the upper right corner that contain the detail/thumbnail toggled button.

View details

To display more info about items you select, tap or click Details pane. The details pane displays sharing info and much more. For photos, you can see info such as the camera used and camera settings. For photos taken on a phone, you might see location info. And for some photos, you might even see text that was extracted from the photo.

Change language

To view your OneDrive in a different language, tap or click the language and country/region at the bottom of the page. Pick a different language and country/region, and then tap or click Save.

Need more help?

Get help by emailing the OneDrive support team.

Check the OneDrive help center.

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