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Sometimes, when resources are imported into Microsoft Office Project Server, the information about them needs to change because of changes in the organization or in the status of the resources. You can change information about resources, such their as e-mail address, active status, booking type, availability, and cost center.

Note: Some information about resources, such as their work schedule, can be changed only by using Microsoft Office Project Professional. To change this information, select the resource, and then click Open. Project Professional opens with the Resource Sheet displayed. Within Project, make the changes for the resource, and then click Save on the File menu.

  1. On the Quick Launch, click Resources.

  2. To display a list of resources in the View box, select one of the following resource types:

    • All Resources     If you want to view all the enterprise resources in the organization, select this option.

    • Cost Resources     If you want to view resources that don't depend on the amount of work on a task or the duration of a task, such as airfare or lodging, select this option.

    • Material Resources     If you want to view consumable materials or supplies, such as concrete, wood, or nails, select this option.

    • Work Resources     If you want to view the people and equipment that perform work to accomplish a task, select this option.

  3. In the table, select the resource whose information you want to change, and then click Edit Details.

    Tip: To select adjacent resources, hold down SHIFT, and then click the first resource and last resource. To select nonadjacent resources, hold down CTRL, and then click the resources that you want. You can change the information for each resource in turn.

    You can change the following items:

    • Resource Name    This includes the actual name of the resource, as well as the e-mail address and Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) value.

      To allow the resource to be assigned to tasks, select the Can be assigned as a project resource check box.

    • Resource Type    To change the resource type, in the Type list, select work resource, cost resource, or material resource. You also can choose whether the resource is a budget resource or a generic resource by selecting the Budget check box or Generic check box.

      You can choose whether the resource is committed or proposed to work on a project by choosing the Default Booking Type box.

    • Leveling    To exclude this resource from the leveling process, clear the Can Level check box.

    • Timesheet manager and default assignment owner    If the resource is a timesheet manager for the resource, in the Timesheet Manager box, type or search for the manager's name.

      To specify the assignment owner, in the Default Assignment Owner box, type or search for the assignment owner's name. Typically, the assignment owner is the work resource who was initially assigned to the task.

    • Team information    If the resource is a member of a team, select the Is Team box, and then enter the name of the team in the Team Name box. You can also browse for the name of the team by clicking Browse Browse .

    • Availability    To change the availability of the resource for the Earliest Available box and the Latest Available box, click the Date Picker calendar , and then click the dates on the calendar.

    • Cost and group codes    If your organization created codes for grouping and costing purposes, select these codes in the Group box, Code box, and Cost Center box.

    • Hyperlink    If this resource maintains a team Web site, enter the hyperlink destination and the URL address in the Hyperlink Name box and Hyperlink URL box, respectively.

  4. Your organization may require additional information about your resources. Under Resource Custom Fields, enter the information that your organization requires for each resource.

  5. Click Save. If you selected multiple resources, click Save/Next to change the information for the next resource.

Note: You can also change the same information for multiple resources at one time by selecting the resources and then clicking Bulk Edit on the Actions menu. You cannot bulk edit information that is specific to individual resources.

Why can't I perform some actions in Microsoft Office Project Web Access?

Depending on the permissions settings you used to log on to Project Web Access, you may not be able to see or use certain features. Also, what you see on some pages may differ from what is documented if your server administrator customized Project Web Access and did not customize the Help to match.

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