Change how the original message appears in replies and forwards

When you reply to or forward an email message, the original message is included below the new message.

You have the option to exclude the original message, include the original message as an attachment, or change the appearance of the original message by using indention or indention prefixed with a vertical line.

  1. Click the File tab.

  2. Click Options.

  3. Click Mail.

  4. Under Replies and forwards, for When replying to a message or When forwarding a message do the following:



Include original message illustration

Include original message text (default)

Indent original message illustration

Include and indent original message

Prefix each line of the original message illustration

Prefix each line of the original message

Attach original message illustration

Attach original message

Don't include original message illustration

Do not include original message

Note:  This option is not available when forwarding messages.

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