Change how shapes are displayed on a stencil

In Microsoft Office Visio 2007, the names of shapes in Visio stencils appear beside the shape icons by default. You can move the names or hide them so that only the icons are visible. You can also display only the names and hide the icons.

Right-click a stencil title bar, point to View on the shortcut menu, and then do one of the following:

  • To display shape names beside icons, click Icons and Names.

  • To display shape names under icons, click Names Under Icons.

  • To display icons only, click Icons Only.

  • To display shape names only, click Names Only.

  • To display icons, names, and shape descriptions, click Icons and Details.


    • You cannot edit the shapes in the stencils provided with Visio templates. You can, however, create a new stencil that is based on an existing one and then edit the shapes in the new stencil.

    • Visio master shapes supplied by Microsoft Corporation are copyrighted. You may copy and reorganize them for your own use, modify them for your own use, and distribute drawings that contain them. You may not sell or distribute original or modified Visio master shapes.

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