Change a shape's double-click behavior

By default, double-clicking a shape opens the shape's text block so that you can edit its text. However, you can change this double-click behavior. For example, you can have the shape display a different page in the same drawing, run a macro, or open the shape's ShapeSheet spreadsheet.

  1. Right-click the shape whose double-click behavior you want to change, point to Format, and then click Behavior.

  2. Click the Double-Click tab, and then click one of the following double-click actions for the shape:

    Perform default action     Double-clicking the shape activates the default action for the shape, such as opening the text block so you can edit the text.

    Perform no action     Double-clicking the shape results in no action.

    Edit shape's text     Double-clicking the shape opens the shape's text block.

    Open group in new window     Double-clicking a group opens it in a new group window. This action is available only when a group is selected.

    Open shape's ShapeSheet     Double-clicking a shape opens its ShapeSheet spreadsheet.

    Custom     Double-clicking a shape performs custom behavior that has been entered in the ShapeSheet spreadsheet, in the Events section, in the EventDblClick cell.

    Display help     Double-clicking the shape displays a Help topic for the shape. This topic can differ from the one that appears when you right-click the shape, and then choose Help. You must use the following syntax:

FILENAME!keyword or FILENAME!#Number

  • Filename is the Windows help file (either an .hlp or a .chm file).

  • Keyword is the index term associated with the help topic.

  • Number is a numeric ID that is referenced in the MAP section of the help project file.

    OLE verb     Double-clicking an OLE object activates OLE options, such as opening the source program so that you can edit the object.

    Run macro     Double-clicking the shape runs the macro you select from the list.

    Go to page     Double-clicking the shape displays a specific drawing page.

    Open in new window     Double-clicking the shape displays the drawing page in a new window.

  • Click OK.

Tip: To link a shape to another drawing, file, or Web page, you can add a hyperlink. You could instead create a macro that opens another drawing, file, or Web page, and then run the macro when you double-click a shape, but adding a hyperlink is much easier and faster.

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