Can I unsubscribe myself from Yammer?

When your organization has an Office 365 subscription that includes Yammer, you can't unsubscribe yourself. However, you can do one of the following:

  • Stop receiving notifications from Yammer in email.

    1. In Yammer, click the Settings icon Yammer settings icon , and then under your name, click Edit Settings.

    2. Click the Notifications tab.

    3. Uncheck all the boxes.

    4. Click Save.

    You'll still be able to go to Yammer to see any messages, but won't get any emails from Yammer.

    Tip: If you continue to get emails, it may be because you have multiple identities in Yammer. To see if this applies to you, open a new message and type the first few characters of your name. If autocomplete shows your name more than once, you have more than one identity. Your Yammer network admin can remove the extra identities. To find your Yammer network admin, click the Yammer Settings icon, click People, and then click View network admins.

  • Ask your IT administrator to turn off access for your Yammer account.

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