Can I copy a worksheet to another workbook?

In Excel Online, the option to move or copy a sheet isn’t available when you right-click a sheet tab, like in the Excel desktop application.

sheet tab doesn't have a ccopy option.

Copy sheet option available in Excel desktop application

So, if you’re wondering if it’s possible to copy an entire worksheet into another workbook, the answer is yes but with a few steps. You can copy all the data in the worksheet and paste it into a blank worksheet in the other workbook. Here’s how:

  1. Select all the data in the worksheet by clicking in the first cell of the sheet, pressing Ctrl+Spacebar, and then pressing Shift+Spacebar.

  2. Copy all the data on the sheet by pressing Ctrl+C.

  3. Open the workbook where you want to paste the data and click the plus sign to add a new blank worksheet.

    Add new sheet button

  4. Click the first cell in the new sheet and press Ctrl+V to paste data.

Use the Excel desktop application

If you have the Excel desktop application, you can use the Open in Excel button to open your workbook and use the Move or Copy sheet tab option.

Button to Edit in Excel

Click Open in Excel and see the section, Move or copy worksheets to a different workbook.

Save the Excel workbook after you’ve copied the sheet, and when you reopen the workbook in Excel Online, the copied sheet is available.

For news about the latest Excel Online updates, visit the Microsoft Excel blog.

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